Rates and Frequently Asked Questions

ArtParty4U's goal is to be the BEST VALUE for professional, insured face painting and balloon art in the Las Vegas area!


Our pricing is simple: For services such as facepainting and balloon art we charge per artist, at $75/hour for each artist.

Call us for rates on other services such as painting parties -- We pride ourselves on being the best value in town!


(Nevada License NV20131162443, Commercial General Liability Insurance through Veracity Insurance Solutions)

Legal Stuff


While we do our best to keep bookings simple, keep in mind that booked services (whether accompanied by a written or verbal contract) are subject to our Art Services Contract.  Please review prior to booking.  In the absence of a written contract, it is implied that the client has reviewed, has understanding of, and agrees to the terms of this contract

Frequently asked questions


How much does an artist cost?

Facepainting and balloon art is $75/hour for each artist. Note that we use only FDA-compliant cosmetic grade face paints and are insured.

Airbrush artists (due to the higher cost of airbrush inks) may have a higher rate (generally $100/hour)... but please call for details.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you need to make a deposit by credit/debit card, give us a call and we can handle that over the phone.

Are you insured?

Facepainting and party art is not just a hobby for us that brings in extra money on the side... it's our business! That's why we're licensed in the State of Nevada (NV20131162443) and are insured.

If your event requires an Additional Insured COI, we can provide that, however there is an additional fee of $10... the processing cost of our insurance company to write up the certificate.

Why do I need to pay a booking fee for an artist?

It's simple... with a booking fee, we know that you're serious about our services, and we block out the time (plus our travel) to make your party our priority. The booking fee confirms your reservation.

What if I need to reschedule?

The deposit is applied against your party total. It is nonrefundable for cancellations within 72 hours, but can be applied to a rescheduled date and time.

Do you do fundraisers?

As part of our "ArtParty4U Gives Back" program, we do fundraisers... and generally schedule one per month, providing up to three hours of face painting for free for non-profit organizations. Additional hours are at normal rates, and all time is subject to availability of artists.

Due to this limited availability, we may not be able to accommodate on short notice, as non-profit requested dates can fill up months in advance.

If a free artist is not available (due to a non-profit event already being booked) other options would include paying our normal rate for artists, and selling tickets to recoup the cost; having a sponsor for our services; or setting up a pay-per-face event, where we wouldn't provide free face painting, but would charge a fee to each person painted. Please give us a call!

Face Painting

How many faces can you paint?

Our hourly rate entitles you to have painted as many faces as we can do during that time. That said, larger and more complex designs take more time. Our guideline is:

Cheek Art (and little art): 1-2 minutes (Average 25/hr)

Half Face (small masks, etc): 2-4 minutes (Average 15/hr)

Full Face: 5-15 minutes per design (4-12/hr)

Full face effects work: 20 minutes and up

In general, as most children's parties are a mix of small and half-face art, we recommend estimating time at about 3 minutes per child.

Note that the above time estimates are strictly painting time, and the mid-ranges are a bit more realistic due to people normally needing to decide what they want painted. Please keep this in mind when planning your time -- and what you want us to do -- as if we start doing full face art, everybody starts wanting it! And plan for time for the adults, too!

What kind of paints do you use?

We only use FDA-compliant, hypoallergenic, cosmetic grade paints. There are a few reasons for this.

1) You can't get quality results with sub-quality materials.

2) Insurance will not cover incidents caused by the use of non-FDA-compliant paints.

A note on FDA compliant vs. FDA approved: The FDA only "approves" drugs and the pigments in cosmetics, so there isn't an "FDA-approved" makeup. However, cosmetics and makeup made with FDA-approved pigments and compliant ingredients is considered "FDA-compliant".

Our water-based paints (used for most face and body painting) remove easily with baby wipes or just soap and water.

For airbrush work, we use both water-based, and hybrid paints... our hybrid airbrush paint, while water-based, is water-resistant upon drying, lasting up to three days (unless removed with soap and water). We use hybrid paints upon special request, usually for special-effects makeup or in situations where extended wear is needed.

For airbrush tattoos and extended-wear body art, we use alcohol-based airbrush ink, which can last up to 5 days with proper care. It will wear off gradually, but can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Due to the cost of the paint, requests for it may incur an additional charge.

We do NOT use "Black Henna" or Jagua paints, as Black Henna has a high incident of allergic reactions (and a warning from the FDA) and Jagua pigments are not FDA-compliant (with people having reactions similar to Black Henna). Although some companies use Jagua pigments, we do not risk it

Do you do effects work?

Need effects work or more involved body painting (such as airbrush, prosthetics, etc)? That's normally a bit more involved than just the basic cosmetic paints (and can involve additional supplies).

We LOVE doing this type of work, but can't guarantee that it can be at our basic hourly rate... we can guarantee that you'll get the best rate in Las Vegas, though!

Contact us with more detailed information for a quote!

I've seen cheaper (or more expensive) face painters...

We firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and we'd suggest you ask these painters "Are you insured?", "Are you licensed in the state?", "Do you use FDA-compliant face paint?", and "How long have you been doing this?". See if they can answer these questions with "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", and "10+ years" (Which we can).

Our goal when starting the company was to make quality body art available to everybody... and, after all, it is temporary art. We decided to go for quality service at a reasonable price -- and we haven't regretted it! Because of our combination of quality and price, our artists are always working. We don't have a "slow season"... and that volume means we can afford to keep our prices reasonable!

Keep in mind that, due to our quality combined with rates, our schedule books very quickly... even with our team of artists, booking within two weeks of an event may have very limited availability.

Balloon Art

How many designs can you do?

We can do hundreds of designs... but they all look like dogs (sorry... that's a cheesy joke).

But seriously, we can do all sorts of animals (like dogs, elephants, turtles, mice, parrots, giraffes, swans, etc), plus fun things like swords, hats, flowers... and our artists love playing with their balloons to make new stuff every week! If you're looking for a certain type of twist or theme, let us know... if we don't currently make it, we'll add it!

What about complicated balloon sculptures?

Although we can make larger sculptures, we choose not to do those in a party setting, as our artists are there to make balloons quickly and get as many balloons into the hands of the little ones as possible (and make more when they inevitably pop).

Art Parties

Really... Just one session?!

This is our #1 question... but it's true, all our projects are designed to be completed in one session. Yes, some sessions are a bit longer than others, but are no longer than 4 hours (for larger oil projects).

You'll have a completed painting ready to take home at the end of class!

How long does it take?

Most sessions are approximately 2 hours, except oil painting which is approximately 3 hours.

What is the cost for an art party?

We want to keep art accessible. As classes are generally 2 hours, our cost for classes is generally about $12/hour for each person -- which includes supplies!

Per person costs for art parties:

Childrens Classes=$20

Watercolor Classes=$20

Watercolor Classes on canvas=$25

Acrylic Painting Classes (approx 2 hours)=$25

Oil Painting Classes (approx 3 hours)=$40

We do have Group, Family, and Military discounts. Be sure to ask!

What do I need to provide?

As far as art supplies... NOTHING! We provide all that, and it is included in the cost of the class. If you are scrapbooking, you may want to bring pictures, however. You only need to provide your own drinks and/or food as determined by the party host.

What should I wear?

Well, it's your party, but if there's paint involved, you may not want to wear evening-wear. We do provide aprons, though!

Will you make me paint it like you?

If we felt you wanted to do a coloring book, we think you'd just go buy one! Unlike many of the other art party locations, our projects use no templates or tracings -- your art will be totally unique! But, we will help you if you want.

We hold very firmly to the idea that we are more 'Guides' than 'Instructors'. Our art parties provide the tools (materials, techniques, and guidance) to create a work of art, and you go ahead and run with it! We'll help as much or as little as you feel comfortable with!

What if I have my own idea for a class?

"I don't see anything quite like I want"

We have way more classes than we show in our galleries (15 years of teaching is a LOT of projects!), and also can custom design projects to bring your theme to life!

Give us a call, with your idea... If we don't already have a project, we'll create one to your specifications!