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One Stroke Decorative Painting

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If you've had a look at Public Television or Home Shopping Network, you may have seen Donna Dewberry demonstrating her One Stroke technique of decorative painting.  The One Stroke method uses double-loading of brushes (among other techniques) to blend, shade, and highlight at the same time -- you'll be amazed with what you can create!

As a One Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI), I can show you how easy it is to learn these techniques, and you'll begin painting successfully right in your first class!

The Basics
With the One Stroke Basics classes, you can learn basic strokes and complete a beautiful, one-of-a-kind decorated project in a single 2-hour class.  You can paint on whatever surface you'd like, so the class is new every time!


A great option for your first foray into the world of One Stroke!  Learn the basics of multi-loading of a brush, and apply that into basic leaves, stems, and flowers!

Roses and Buds

Learn basics of One Stroke as you learn loading the brush, and techniques of simple strokes that allow you to create beautiful roses!


Add to your basics of One Stroke as you learn another technique -- the wiggle leaf -- and create beautiful sunflowers!

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