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Airbrush Tattoos - Great for pool parties!

We LOVE doing face paint and body art, but there's only one limitation.  The hypoallergenic paints used for face painting and body art are water-based... so they wash off with soap and water.  Great for faces and big designs, but not for pool parties.


But we have a great alternative!  Airbrush temporary tattoos.  Using FDA-approved, hypoallergenic temporary tattoo ink, these stencil designs last up to 5 days... and are water proof, so the kids can get their tattoo ink and play in the pool, sprinklers, or have a water fight and still keep their designs!


We're also Nevada-licensed and insured for your protection, and offer the best rates for insured face painters in the Las Vegas area.  If you find a better rate for a licensed and insured artist, we'll beat their rate by 10% -- You don't have to sacrifice quality for value!

New!  Free-Form Airbrush Tattoos... Not just ordinary stencil work, but full temporary tattoo designs from single tattoos all the way to sleeves, chest pieces, backs.  Anywhere you would want a REAL tattoo.  And they last up to 3 days...  yet only take MINUTES to create!

Amazing for:

  • ​Teen Parties

  • Pool Parties

  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

  • Concerts

  • All the fun of a tattoo... without being permanent!

Airbrush tattoos that look like real tattoos in Las Vegas
Airbrush tattoos that look like real tattoos in Las Vegas

Last up to 3 days... or until you remove them with rubbing alcohol or baby lotion!

Licensed and Fully Insured!

Guaranteed Lowest Rates - and best value - in Las Vegas!

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