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What's an "Art Party"?

An Art Party is a great new way to have a great time with friends and family!  Think of it as a game night, except that instead of playing cards or a board game, you create an original piece of art -- in just one session -- even if you've never painted or created art before!


Our 15+ years of experience in art instruction allows us to bring you great easy-to-do projects in oil, acrylic, watercolor, scrapbooking, papercraft, and other media for all ages!


Rather than large classes with template-driven art projects, our classes are small -- generally 15 or fewer artists -- and the projects are designed to actually allow you to be as creative as you wish!  Our small class size allows us to give each artist individual attention, too!


Best of all, you can do it at your own home or any location (and we can do classes of up to 30)!  We come to you and handle the setup, instruction, and clean up!


Make it a wine-and-art evening with a tasting of a wines, or just provide the refreshments and snacks for your guests (have some more fun and make it a potluck), and we'll take care of the rest!

Great Ideas for Art Parties:

- Family Nights

What a great way to spend time together!  All ages can have fun creating their own original art, and learn about their hidden creativity!


- Birthday Parties

Whether it's for the adults or for the kids, we've got projects that will fit the bill and bring unique entertainment to the party!  And everyone gets their own project to take home!


- Adult Evenings

What could make a better evening together than a wine-tasting party with appetizers -- with great conversation and a take-home piece of art!


- Scrapbooking Crops

It can take so much to set up and break down a crop... why not let us provide the materials and help show you some great new techniques!


- Team-Building Events

Looking for a great idea for a team-building event for your organization?  Look no further!  Art Parties allow everyone to have fun and interact in the atmosphere that you create!


- Home School Education

Our art projects are perfect for fulfilling art requirements of a homeschool curriculum (and have been used all over the country).  For the educational event, we expand to explain the history of the medium being used, as well as provide more detailed insight into the techniques used.


- A Great Gift!

An Art Party makes a great gift for the person who wants to explore their creativity.  We have so many projects and crafts available, that there's something for everyone!


- A Gift for Yourself!

An Art Party doesn't have to have a lot of people.  We can teach one-on-one as well, and have so many projects that you can continue to explore art with us for (literally) years!


- Just Because...

Do you really need a reason for an Art Party?  It's simply a great way to get people together and have fun... and be creative at the same time!

About the Artists...

Ed Mueller

A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Ed has travelled throughout the world -- which also provided the opportunity to teach classes and do facepainting throughout the country. He has been teaching since 2000.


"Being in the military, art gave me the opportunity to do something that was not regimented... and also provided a great opportunity to meet people in the areas I was stationed!"


"The best thing about teaching -- especially in the Art Party format -- is that everyone can do it!  I love seeing people have their 'A-Ha' moment doing a class, when they realize that they really are artistic!"


"Facepainting gives me the most immediate satisfaction.  There's nothing like the feeling when you hold up the mirror and see the child's expression when they see how they look!"


Ed's face painting and body art has won awards at both local events and higher-profile national events, such as Sony Online Entertainment.


Ed holds numerous art certifications, including Bob Ross Certified Instructor, Frank Clarke's Simply Painting Watercolor, Donna Dewberry's One Stroke, and Grumbacher Fine Arts.  (He also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management).

Davis Mueller

Started as a family business, Davis was the first "employee" and the person who started balloon art for the company.


With a background in theater, Davis knows how to work well with all ages (and has served as a clown on occasion)... but making fast balloon designs for the kids is where he really shines.  

Cheri Mueller

As a Navy wife, Cheri has also had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, and provided a different opportunity to work in the art industry.


Cheri has worked as an Event Coordinator for numerous major arts and crafts retailers for over 15 years, creating all types of arts and crafts projects, and designing unique events centered around art.


Her real passion is for scrapbooking and paper crafting -- but anything that involves putting smiles on children's faces is the ultimate goal.


"Having lived deployments and the military life as a spouse, it's so important for the kids to be able to be creative... which is what I love best about both my job and Art Parties!"

Matthew Pearce

Matthew's artistic background shows in his work, and he has made a great transition from tattoo artist to face painter and body artist.  His unique style of painting and drawing also shows in the art party projects that he creates.


Not only a fan of superheroes, Matthew is also a HUGE fan of "Frozen" and is our resident expert in Elsa paints.


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