It's Painting... It's Social...

It's an Art Party!


Everybody has a creative side... they just sometimes need a little help to find it.


With an Art Party, you get to have a paint party and learn simple techniques that help you release your artistic side -- while having fun with friends and family!  No previous painting experience needed!


Unlike other places, you don't need to go to a bar -- as a mobile studio, we come to your location and provide all painting supplies!  Our small class size allows us to do real art projects that are not template-driven, and give each student as much individual attention as they need.


And you're not limited to just acrylic painting -- we also do oil paintings, watercolor, oil pastel chalks, and even craft parties like card crafting and scrapbooking.  We have the widest range of art classes of any paint party company in Las Vegas -- and are continually adding new projects, and custom projects specifically for your group!


So get some friends together and find out how creative you really can be!

"Thank you so much for the professionalism and great time. It was our first attempt at this and I can't believe how easy this was... Ed was so patient and knowledgeable... We definitely will recommend your company to anyone looking for an Art & Wine Party." - Anna T.

"Our Instructor Ed was amazing! My husband and I have attended many painting parties and have had a few at our home as well. He was by far the best we've ever had. Everyone had a wonderful time and is asking when our next one will be. Thanks again ArtParty4U!!" - Michelle K.

Sample Party Projects

Some of our past paint party projects in Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic -- all designed to be completed in a 2-3 hour class!

If you have an idea for your class, let us know... we will gladly do up a custom paint party project!


Note that various paintings (oil, acrylic, and watercolor) are represented in this gallery... while we can modify a project into a different medium (change an oil painting to acrylic, for example), due to the different characteristics of the various media, the new project may not be exactly like the original.


Click on an image below to see a larger version


Fast-drying and easy to use, this bright painting medium is great for beginners!  We utilize many of the techniques from oil painting in our acrylic classes, so there is always something new to learn -- while having fun creating!

ArtParty4U was amazing!! During the planning of our event and during our actual event. Even with multiple changes to our reservation leading up to our event, they were able to accommodate us and make it a very pleasant and fun evening for my grandmother. Everyone was able to be creative while painting their version of the "Baker's Table" , Ed, our artist created specifically for our event. Cheri displayed amazing customer service throughout the process. I will definitely be referring them and using them for future events. 

Thank you all for an amazing event!!  - Alexis J.

Wet-on-Wet Oil Painting

Have you seen artists on Public Television make "happy trees" and create an entire painting in literally 24 minutes?  Then you've seen wet-on-wet oil painting -- and it's one of our most favorite classes to teach, as it's easy and (we feel) even a better medium for the beginner, as there are effects in oil that cannot be duplicated easily in acrylic!  The classes are a bit longer -- usually 3+ hours -- but the results are amazing and really worth it!  And we're the only social art studio in Las Vegas that teaches this method!


Watercolors are another great medium for beginners, as it is so easy to learn about color mixing and blending while using them... and for a great look of skies, they're hard to beat!  We also use watercolors extensively in our children's classes!  And they're another type of class that you just don't find at other social art studios!

Chinese Brush Painting

These traditional techniques have been in use for thousands of years in both China and Japan.  Not only an art technique, it is also a spiritual experience, with the process often involving impressionistic renderings of the subject matter invoking the feel of the subject rather than a more realistic drawing.  This lends itself well to the painting beginner having success with the project, but also allows room for exploration as skills increase.


Our style of instruction is in the more impressionistic and free-flowing method (known as xieyi or freestyle), and will introduce students to the traditional techniques using traditional materials, as well as the applications in a variety of projects.  If you're a fan of this style of art, you'll be able to create great art for your home, or gifts for your family and friends!


Give us a call to discuss the options available in these classes...

Basic "Plum Blossoms" and "Bamboo"... two of the "Four Gentlemen" of traditional Chinese Brush painting.

Basic Koi... another of the applications of traditional Chinese Brush painting that you can do at your art party!

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